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Enhance emotional balance and focus at Basic Massage & Body Work.

The Mission of Basic Massage and Bodywork is to encourage the public to make use of massage as a regular method of increasing health and relaxation for the whole person-body, mind and spirit. Our purpose is to bring the client into education, self-awareness regarding one’s own body, relaxation, stress management, and an increased ability of the body to return to balance thus allowing natural healing to occur.

We also offer Reflexology at Basic Massage & Bodywork. Reflexology differs from massage in that it is not a “massage”. In reflexology, pressure is applied to areas of the feet that correspond to particular areas of the body. When both feet are “reflexed”, over a period of time, the body can return to a more balanced condition. Reflexology can be applied not only to the feet but also to the hands and ears.

Reiki is also offered as a complimentary modality to healing. It is thought to balance the body’s energy fields. When the body is in balance then it is “at ease”. When the body is out of balance then it is at “dis-ease”. Reiki can be used to return the body to balance.

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  • Individualized Massage
  • Certified In Pregnancy Massage, Reiki and Reflexology
  • Myofascial Release
  • Gift Certificates Available
  • Flexible Appointment Times

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